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  • Volunteering


    There are many opportunities for volunteers to help out at Highlands.  We have made good use of parents, seniors, community members, student teachers, student nurses, study buddies to help support learning at Highlands. Highland's school was very lucky to have Jim Krysko's expertise when it came to producing the Highlands' Shake.  Please contact us to discuss how you can help.

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  • Welcome


    School History

    Highlands’s area opened up in the early 1900’s.  A wooden school was built to educate the students in the area.

    In about 1912, at the time that a streetcar was being developed to run down Norwood Boulevard (112 Avenue), work commenced on the brick school that we have on 62 Street today.  It is unclear exactly when classes started in the new school, but the date over the front door says 1914.

    In 1914, Canada was part of the “Great War” or First World War.  It meant that young men left to go to war.  The school was used for military training, and at one point was used as a hospital during the 1918 influenza epidemic.  The Second floor and other rooms were developed over the next few years, and students received their education from grade 1 – 9 at Highlands.  In 1923, Eastwood High School opened, and students wishing to continue on with their learning went to Eastwood.  This continued until the Baby Boom time following World War II.  Many families had held off having children, and they all seemed to hit the school system in the early 1950’s.  To meet the need, Edmonton Public Schools built a number of elementary schools in the area (Mount Royal, Montrose, Virginia Park, Newton and a new high school (Eastglen).  Highlands School became a junior high school only, providing instruction for up to about 750 grade seven to nine students.  To accommodate this number, a new wing had to be built that boasted a new gym with locker rooms, five new classrooms, meeting rooms and an office.

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  • Preadvanced placement 7-9

    Preadvanced placement 7-9

    In the fall of 2004, Highlands School became the first school in Edmonton Public School District to begin a pilot of the Junior High Pre Advanced Placement Program. Pre Advanced Placement was introduced to provide challenging educational opportunities for students capable of excelling in academics. The program is intended for students who want more rigour and challenge in their programming and who wish to broaden their intercultural and international perspectives to become socially responsible life-long learners.

    Pre-Ap is based on two important premises.  The first is the ejection that all students can perform at rigorous academic levels.  This expectation is reflected in curriculum and instruction throughout the school such that all students are consistently being challenged to expand their knowledge and skills to the next level.

    The second belief that we can prepare every student for higher intellectual engagement by starting the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge as early as possible.  Highlands School can provide a powerful opportunity to help all students acquire the knowledge, concepts, and skills needed to engage in a higher level of learning.

    Pre-AP is:

    An Inclusive program for encouraging more students to access higher level

    A new way of thinking and approaching the classroom and curriculum

    A tool for working together and being focused on the same goal

    A system for strengthening the skills every student needs to succeed in Advanced Placement in high school and university

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  • Regular 7-9

    Regular 7-9

    The regular program at Highlands School provides instruction that follows the mandated Alberta curriculum. Each school in Edmonton Public Schools complements the teaching of the curriculum differently, based on the needs of their students and input from parents.

    Complementary Courses
    In addition to Core Courses that are required by Alberta Education, there are a variety of exciting and interactive Complementary Courses that we offer at Highlands. Our complementary courses are either Full Year or Tri-mestered (changing three times over the course of the year). These courses vary in availability depending on grade and number of students in each class. Students can choose from:

    • Art
    • Foods
    • Film Studies
    • Computer Studies
    • Outdoor Education
    • Drama
    • Extra Physical Education
    • Dance/Yoga
    • Extra Science

    Alberta Education Requirements

    At the junior high level, schools must provide access to 950 hours of instruction per year in each grade. The minimum recommended time allotment (hours per year) for each part of the program is:

    Language Arts - 150 hours or more per year
    Mathematics - 100 hours or more per year
    Science - 100 hours or more per year
    Social Studies - 100 hours or more per year
    Physical Education/Health - 75 hours or more per year
    Complementary Courses - 150 hours or more per year
    Unspecified Core and/or Complementary Time - 275 hours per year

    Total minimum instructional time - 950 hours

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  • Parent Groups

    Parent Groups

    May 2013

    Parent Advisory Council

    We are fortunate to have a small but devoted group of parents who work to provide advice to the principal, and support for the students and teachers of Highlands.  In the past, the PAC has provided funds for extras – such as extending our library, our Physical Education equipment, technology for the classroom, and the school bus.

    The PAC meets monthly, please contact the school to find out then the next meeting will be held.

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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    Clubs and Activities

    At Highlands School, we endeavour to offer a variety of clubs, activities and extra-curricular activities for our students.  In the recent past, we have offered Student Leadership working with our feeder elementary schools, an Aboriginal crafts club, Girl Power club, Student Activities Council (school spirit), Library Club, Drama Club, Yearbook Club, Newspaper Club.  We encourage students with a specific interest to discuss it with Highlands School staff members.



    Harlem Shake

    The “Highlands Shake” proved to be a big hit on our open house evening, and was also enjoyed by our feeder school, grade six classes.  Ms. Nieman coordinated the project at our end and her enthusiasm was caught by the rest of our staff.  Highlands students were also enthused and made the “shake” so much better by bringing in props and costumes from home.

    A big thank you to Jim Krysko, our PAC president, who was the videographer and editor of this project!

    If you haven’t yet seen it, look us up on UTube.


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Principal's Message

Highlands School

Arts Core Education

Welcome to an amazing year of exploration, growth and discovery. We are so excited to be the first Arts Core Junior High School in Edmonton.  With this designation our commitment is to allow students to articulate their knowledge of curricular outcomes in a variety of creative languages.  Each student will be given the opportunity to increase their skills in a number of art disciplines and in turn use those skills to enhance their understandings of core curricular outcomes.  We expect that each student will prepare themselves for the best possible chance at success by attending school regularly, and on time.  Whether in or out of class, students will show respect, responsibility and pride in the school, for the sake of their own learning as well as the learning of others.  All adults in the building will demonstrate respect toward the students and their learning, taking responsibility and having pride in our school community.  We expect that parents, families and the community will also support the learning, and show respect, responsibility and pride in our school.

For over a century, Highlands has had a tradition of serving the students and families of Edmonton’s Upper-East Side.  Our dedicated staff continues to uphold this tradition by working collaboratively with students, families and the community. 

In this package, you will find a great deal of information about our school.  Students and parents should go over the information, and if anything is unclear, please ask.  We all share the same goal – to end up with competent, capable and connected citizens.  We commit to providing a safe, secure environment which will enable all of our students to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, artisticly and culturally. 

We all look forward to an exciting year, full of positive relationships and learning.  Every one of us will work to get the most out of each day, each week and each month to ensure that all students will complete high school, and then be in a position to step out and take their places in the world.

We are looking forward to a fantasic year.


Brad Burns