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Welcome to the Programs section of this website. This section will provide details about the programs offered at our school and, depending on availability, may include regular, alternative, special education or other program information. Select from the left sidebar or drop down menus to read more.


Artists in Residence 

Highlands School is so fortunate to have local artists who come and work in our school and with our kids. They impart their skills, talents and knowledge unto us and we are forever grateful. Below is a collection of past and present artists who have graced us with their presence. 


Candace Makowichuk

Candace Makowichuk, professional visual artist, arts educator and arts manager, specializes in historical photographic processes and techniques for her artwork. Committed to the unique and multi faceted aspects of photography, Makowichuk works with Cyanotype, Gum Bichromate, Silver Gelatin,  Bromoil and hand tinting. Candace has extensive experience in educating the public on the importance and impact the visual arts have on our community and lives. Through workshops and residencies in historical photographic processes she has instilled a renewed interest in analogue photography – film and other non-digital processes. Her work is represented in public collections within Alberta, private collections within Canada and exhibitions throughout the province. 


Sandy Moffat 

I have lived in Highlands for over 25 years. My two adult children went to Highlands Junior High School.  Over the years, I experimented with a number of arts and crafts including water colour and pastel painting, wood working, sewing and needle crafts. Four years ago I took a pottery class, fulfilling a life-long dream of working with clay. I especially enjoy hand building and more recently I am experimenting with sculptures. I am very thankful to the staff at Highlands for allowing me the opportunity to create in the clay studio. I am grateful to be able to give back to Highlands School by volunteering when I can. 


Theodora Harasymiw

Theodora Harasymiw is best known for her large murals which are found all over Edmonton. They are colorful, graphic, and often whimsical. Theodora works both in mosaic and with paint. Each medium allows her to express herself differently. Many sources inspire Theodora’s work—ancient mosaics of Greece, the decorative tile of Turkey, and the brilliant colors of Latin America. Growing up in a strong Ukrainian community has also influenced her work. She draws from various areas of her Ukrainian culture such as the patterns found on "pysanky", the intricate designs of Ukrainian textiles, Orthodox iconography, and the fantastical images described in their folklore.
Her career as an artist is punctuated with frequent travels abroad which nurture and inspire her work.
Theodora graduated from the University of Alberta in 1996 with a degree in Fine Arts, majoring in
painting. Residing in Edmonton, she works as a visual artist and art educator. As an Artist in
Residence over the last nineteen years she has facilitated the creation of over 85 murals in schools throughout Edmonton. Painting has been her focus for 20 years, but in the last 7 years she has moved into the medium of mosaic. In 2007 she was given her first large mosaic commission at
Father Michael Troy Junior High School. Other large mosaics followed and can be found at the
Royal Alexandra Hospital, the Glenrose Hospital, Giovanni Caboto Park, the downtown Italian
Centre, St. John’s Institute, and the Victoria School for the Arts, to name a few—public works which help revitalize parts of Edmonton.
Theodora has great interest in bringing people together in the creation of public art. All her years of working with communities of students had her constantly witnessing the sense of ownership and pride that came from people working together on a public piece of art. Like an ambassador of public creativity, Theodora finds herself scouring the city for walls upon which to leave some paint or tile; the more people she involves in the process, the happier she is. Recently, Theodora has opened “Studio Theo” in the community of Strathearn. In addition to her Residencies, completing commissioned and her own work, she now teaches adults and children in her studio. “I believe everyone has an artist inside waiting for an opportunity to express themselves...some just might not know it yet.”