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Arts Core programming incorporates the visual and performing arts into everyday learning. Students explore their creativity and self-expression through art, music, dance and drama. 


  • Enable all students to explore and communicate their understandings, feelings, and ideas in a variety of forms 
  • Develop higher level thinking skills (evaluating, expressing, problem solving, creating) through the use of integrated arts processes 
  • Develop artistic and academic skills 


  • Engages the senses, stimulates imagination and creativity and broadens student’s understanding of themselves, others, and the world that they live in 
  • Contributes significantly to the development of multiple intelligence 
  • Fosters cross-curricular understanding 
  • Encourages risk taking and provides opportunities to explore personal challenges in a safe environment 
  • Promotes thinking critically, creatively, and divergently 
  • Provides increased exposure to a wide range of artistic tools and processes 
  • Develops respect for individual, cultural and artistic diversity 
  • Builds awareness and appreciation of the arts 

Program Delivery: 

  • Instruction that incorporates the arts into language arts, math, science and social studies 
  • Enriched study of art, music, drama and dance provided in individual classes 
  • Use of the arts to articulate understanding of learning outcomes 
  • Inclusion of guest speakers, artist-in-residences and arts-related field trips, and involvement of the local arts community